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There are some ways to prevent baby who being abandoned which divided into five parts.

1)The individual
All religions in Malaysia prohibit sex before marriage. Every person has the responsibility to their own life so that they cannot let anyone pressure into having sex. Besides that, Besides that, there are good reasons to say “No, not yet” to anyone who asked about sex. One of the reason is the person itself can protect the health and also the feeling from any problem of sex. The individual itself also must avoid from reading or viewing the pornographic materials. It also can be one of the reasons to arise an unwanted pregnancy among teenagers especially. In relationship, the partner who loves and respects women will not ask for sex before have a real relation. Then, the individual should get involved in more meaningful activities such as sports, volunteer works in order to avoid from involved in this kind of problem.

2)The parents
Parents play a high role to educate children to become good in behavior by teaching to stay out of sexual relationships. They could story the consequences of being relationship in an early age. Furthermore, the parents should keep an eye in every single activity that been involved by children. They also must able to talk if their children been weird and spend many times with their children.

3)School institution
Sex education is not about the free sex. Actually,it is giving a lot of value to have sex education in school institution. From the process of learning, teacher could educate the young student about his or her body, importance of responsible relationships, the consequences of having unplanned and unprotected sex, what contraceptives do, sexually transmitted diseases, HIV/AIDs and how to say “No”.

4)Mass media
Mass media also is one of the ways to prevent baby from being abandoned. It is the nearest medium and the best way to communicate and educate teenagers. It all about how to protect themselves and give useful knowledge to avoid from involve in anything that can take them to this problem. Besides that, the suitable sex therapists or psychologist could be presenters of a special programme on sex education and set the stage for more personal discussions in homes and schools.

5)The government
The government also must involve overcoming this problem from step by step and taking this matter seriously. Baby hatch is indeed good way to help single mother who cannot afford to take care the baby and nowadays ‘Sekolah Harapan’ is already built for person who involved in unwanted pregnancy.

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Baby Dumping may be Classified as Attempted Murder or Murder.

KUALA LUMPUR: The cabinet has asked the police to probe into baby dumping as attempted murder or murder cases, Datuk Seri Shahrizat Jalil said yesterday.

She said the cabinet agreed that the government should take sterner action to stop baby dumping.

“The government has no choice because of the rising number of cases. Despite the various initiatives, baby dumping is still happening.”

The women, family and community development minister said not only the women involved in baby dumping would be brought to justice, the men, too, would be prosecuted.

“We have taken a welfare approach all this while but the problem continues.

“The government cannot allow this state of affairs to continue and that is why the classification will be changed to attempted murder or murder.”

Under the move, Shahrizat said police, acting on the ministry’s request, would start classifying investigations as attempted murder, or if found with intent, murder.

Police have recorded 60 baby-dumping cases so far this year, compared with 79 for the whole of last year.

Tougher measures, she said, were required as baby dumping could no longer be tolerated.

“Dumping a baby only to see the child found dead in places such as dustbins and toilets is an inhumane act. It is tantamount to murdering an innocent person.”

Shahrizat said she put forward the request to Home Minister Datuk Seri Hishammuddin Hussein during the weekly cabinet meeting on Wednesday.

Police are now investigating baby-dumping cases under the Child Act 2001, and those found guilty, face imprisonment of up to 10 years.

However, those charged under the Penal Code for attempted murder or murder withintent face up to 30 years’ jail or the death sentence, respectively.

Shahrizat said cases involving underage parents would continue to be dealt with under the Child Act but added that it was up to the Juveniles’ Court to decide whether they should be tried as adults.

She said she had also requested for Deoxyribonucleic acid (DNA) profiling to be carried out to ascertain the identity of parents of abandoned babies.

“This is the only way to bring those responsible for the death of a baby to justice,” she said.

Shahrizat said there was no excuse for couples or parents to abandon their babies, given the avenues available for them in seeking help.

She said unwed parents unable to care for their children should approach the various institutions under the ministry or the Welfare Department.

Similar to OrphanCARE, the country’s first baby hatch, the 104 district welfare offices, 60 institutions and 55 clinics set up by the ministry are open to parents to give up their children for adoption.

“They can also approach the police, local hospitals and clinics, even the nearest Umno branch, if they truly need help,” said Shahrizat, who is also Wanita Umno chief.

The ministry had also embarked on an awareness programme at public and private institutions of higher learning nationwide to educate young people, seen as a high-risk group, on the consequences of unprotected sex and the options available for young unwed parents.

She said some of the programmes would be tailored to young males to educate them on their responsibilities as parents and sexual partners.

The Consequences of Abandoning Babies

on women
Women will feel more vulnerable with abortion.It means palying into the hands of men who seek sex without married.Advocate argue that abortion would bring women into being exemption,however the opposite phenomenon occur.The number of unwanted 
pregnancy is increasing.It mentioned that unmarried women be more careful to protect them from becoming victims of men.

on men
Abortion also negatively determine men,while abortion has devalued women.Some laugh at the idea of men being "victim" of abortion.Caunselors understand this a psychological conflict and is complicated.

on mother
Have a high risk of get die because of blood loss and transmission of infection on mother wombs.

on children
Children who have been deserted may refuse everthing about the absent parent.Sometimes there are cases where children who have been desolated by one parent will make an attempt to completely refuse him or her.We can see this when a child explicit the desire to be the accurate opposite of the absent parent.

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Stop Doing This!!!

Baby Abandonment

One major issue that has occured in the United States in the past and is still occurioccurredy is baby abandonment, a/k/a "baby dumping." It may apply any time a child is left without appropriate supervision for extended periods of time. Hearing babies becoming abandoned is heartbreaking. There could be many reasons to the causes of this action. One, the baby was not planned. Therefore, the parents may not have been ready either mentally or financially, and decide to leave the baby. Two, many people are against abortion, which lead to many unwanted babies being born. Three, the woman may have fear of rejection from a boyfriend, friend, or family member if they keep the baby. Some psychiatrists believe that young mothers can become overwhelmed by the presence of something that they were in denial of for nine months, as well as the father not being supportive. The best way to end is by giving women more education about sex and it's outcomes, and to provide planning for those who need it. It has been estimated that there are over 50 babies abandoned daily across the United States, which adds up to over 20,000 babies a year.. many of which do not survive.
One way to solve this issue is by encouraging women who decide to not keep their babies to follow the Safe Haven Act (depending on each state). For example, The Safe Haven Act of Massachusetts of 2004 allows a parent to legally surrender newborn infants 7 days old or younger with no signs of neglect to a designated hospital, police station, or fire station without facing prosecution. The parent will be encouraged to provide information to help in planning the future care of the baby, but is not required. Once the newborn is medically screened, it will be placed in a Department of Social Services foster or adoptive home. The Safe Haven Act of Massachusetts partnered with a few other associations, creating a multimedia campaign informing state residents about the new law. Their toll-free hotline recieves an averaging 50 calls per month.
Another way to solve this issue is following Project Cuddle, founded by Debbe Magnusen and her husband David. The goal of this non-profit organization is to save as many babies' lives as possible, with a strong commitment to help any pregnant girl or woman. They do not charge any money to the girls or their families. It also offers a 24-hour crisis hotline. To date, they have rescured 564 babies from being abandoned. They give women a chance to choose an adoptive family for their baby, making sure they have made a decision they are comforable with allowing them to move on with their lives. About 60% of women call Project Cuddle for assistance in raising their babies.They strongly believe that no baby deserves to die before it has had a chance to live.
Although today there are many ways to solve this issue, many babies who are saved and do grow up into adulthood often continue to wonder about their origins. These "foundlings" may or may not ever find out who their birth parents are, or why they were abandoned. Their past remains a complete mystery, along with a missing part of their identity. This often causes grief to some whose parents' never decide to step up. The best way to solve this issue is by preventing unwanted babies in the first place. One way is by showing women or girls how difficult it is to care for a child, being offered through a "Real Skillz Parenting Course." The woman or teen is given a programmed baby that will cry periodically for various reasons, in which they have to solve in order to make the doll stop crying. Another way is by working with parents to educate their children about sex and all of its consequences. Finally, a third option is abstinence education. Abstaining from sex is the most effective way of preventing not only unwanted births, but also any other diseases that a person may receive from having sex.
In conclusion, baby abandonment is a huge reoccurring issue in the United States. The foremost reason in preventing this issue from happening is to save the lives of babies. Every baby deserves a chance to live. The first and second way help to solve the problem that women face when they do not know what to do with their unwanted baby. However, the third way ends up becoming the best way because it prevents unwanted babies to be born at all. Educating women in pregnancy helps them to make better and wiser decisions, lowering the rate of infant deaths and abandonments each year.

Baby Dumping

Recently we always see that baby dumping cases come out on the front page of the newspaper. Everyday there are several numbers of infants being found in rivers, dustbins, and even sometimes somewhere that we cannot imagine such as travelling bags.These babies are died in the situation that cannot be accepted by most of the people as the ways of killing these babies are too cruel and cold-blooded. As the number of baby dumping cases has been increasing days by days and it has reached an alarming state, researches are carried out to determine which group of people is the biggest contributor to these serious cases. The outcome of the researches are pointing towards teenagers, who are under age.There are several reasons on why teenagers commit in the baby dumping cases the most and the consequences of baby dumping cases to society.

The first reason is teenagers are lacking of sex education. Parents and schools do not inject sex education onto teenagers' mind since they were small. Parents always think that their children will understand everything about sex when they grow up. This is the natural ability that everybody has and they no need to talk to their children about sex. Most of the parents feel ashamed and uncomfortable everytime their children ask them questions about sex.They refuse to give a positive explanation and a clear view to their children and always claim that they are too small to know about sex. The same thing also happens in schools at where schools do not have sex education as one of their compulsory courses. Most of the schools also never hold any activity about sex education such as talks.They remain quiet and proclaim that these small children will get to know what is sex when they grow up.But, children still gain nothing when they grow up. They do not understand their bodies and some of them may not know what is the differences between boys and girls.Due to the lack of these basic knowledge, surely they do not know how and where a baby comes. When these teenagers reach puberty, they will curious about themselves and also other people.At the level of puberty too,teenagers are full of curiousity and they want to try everything that they have not tried before.They will feel curious about their boy friends and girl friends. Urged by their strong curiousity,they have a special relationship with their partners.After the process, they might have a baby.When they face problems such as pregnancy, they will try to solve the problems illegally and the best solution to them is baby dumping.

Besides that, the economic state of teenagers also contributes to baby dumping cases. Teenagers are not able to raise a baby on their own. They are under age and what they have to do now is enjoying their school or college lives. They do not have to work to support a family because they are not able to carry such a huge responsibility. Themselves also have to rely on their parents at this stage of early ages and how could they raise small families on their own. They will never ever get into the matter.In order to solve their problems, most of them would choose baby dumping as the best way inspite of other methods.Only through baby dumping, they will forever say goodbye to their burden of raising a baby.Most of them consider baby dumping as the best way because it will not leave over effects on them in the future.But, their thoughts are definitely wrong because they have killed innocent babies and they will suffer from that bad and memorable nightmare throughout their whole lives.

Baby dumping brings a lot of negative effects to the society. As we know, teenagers are our hopes by which they will be the leaders of tomorrow and they are the one who will lead the world. They will do all the good deeds in order to protect our country and create a transquil and order environment for the future generation.But,sadly things go negative sides.Teenagers are not naive as they should be anymore.They show a bad and cruel attitudes towards problem solving.They kill babies and their hands are full of reddish bloods.They are demon.Once a teenager starts practising bany dumping, surely more and more teenagers will follow after him.What is going to happen next? We cannot imagine how these teenagers are going to destroy the world,themselves and future generation.Teenagers create a harmful environment and break the order of peaceful lives.

In conclusion,baby dumping is morally and physically wrong.Teenagers should keep a distance from the crimes.They have to learn to be responsible on what they have done and think maturely on the pros and cons of things. They should be able to differentiate good things and bad things.All in all,starting from today, parents and schools must play their roles in fighting baby dumping cases by imposing enough sex education in their children and always beware on their children' action.Baby dumping should be eliminated from now on and leave a peaceful and caring society for us.

Police hunt for culprit in baby-dumping case (2011/01/02)

BACHOK: Police are looking for the culprit responsible for leaving the body of a baby girl at a garbage-dumping ground in Beris Lalang here yesterday.
Although the body of the baby girl was found here, police believed the suspect could be from Kota Baru or other districts.
"Initial investigation found that the body was found among the rubbish which was dumped there by a garbage lorry from the Kota Baru Municipal Council," Bachok district police chief DSP Yahya Salleh told Bernama today.

He urged those with information to contact the Bachok police at 09-7788222. - BERNAMA

Baby dumping: Paying for our fault

I am concerned about the recent announcement that those who abandon babies, if the babies die, be investigated for murder or attempted murder ("Baby dumping may be classified as attempted murder or murder" NST, Aug 13). Reports of babies found buried, dumped in dumpsters or wrapped in plastic bags and thrown into rivers have understandably inflamed and outraged the public.
However, inflamed and outraged sensitivities and misguided good intentions would jeopardise the future of hundreds of young women.
Decisions such as these must be based on what is best for the welfare of those concerned, including the mother, and to see that justice is served.
There are too many policies which aim to punish and harm, and few which seek to help and provide support for those in need.
It is not right for us to focus our anger and frustration on the young women who are themselves victims of Malaysian society's neglect.
This baby-dumping phenomenon is a direct result of our society's failure to acknowledge and address our blinkered viewpoint of sex, and for allowing our personal religious convictions to dictate public health and education policies over proven, pragmatic approaches.
We have created a hostile environment where young women who find themselves pregnant out of wedlock have very few places to turn for help.
We have heard, and some of us even support, the call for those committing illicit sex to be stoned to death.
No government healthcare facility offers abortion services for unwanted pregnancies or even condoms and sexual health information for couples.
We have been debating for decades on whether or not to provide comprehensive sex education to our children.
We forget that they grow up anyhow but without the critical information which allows them to abstain from sex, practise safe behaviour and make good decisions.
Somehow, we expect them to know all this and then we delegate that responsibility to others.
More often than not, we depend on blind luck for our young to know right from wrong in religious, moral and social norms.
We tolerate and, as recent events show, have been seen to encourage or "force" underage or child marriages in the misguided and simplistic belief that marriage will solve premarital sex and baby dumping.
The head of Kuala Lumpur Hospital's Obstetrics and Gynaecology Department was quoted as saying that in cases of children born out of wedlock, the mothers were below 18 and did not know they could get pregnant if they had sex ("Three more cases of abandoned babies" -- NST, Aug 14).
Reality and pragmatism seem to have no place when dealing with sex. Yet, we have so little tolerance for mistakes and are all too ready to punish those who are products of our neglect.
Obviously, those who dump babies do so out of desperation and are often scared young girls.
A precious few "baby hatch" facilities and a helpline established recently will not solve this problem instantly.
They are merely band aids on a gaping wound which will continue to fester regardless of this measure.
This ruling to classify baby dumping as murder or attempted murder will unfairly victimise these girls.
It will result in more young women in such circumstances living in fear, and because most of them cannot afford the necessary procedure, they will increasingly resort to unsafe abortions that may cost them their lives.
The men responsible, on the other hand, will often go unpunished.
A person I know of, a young girl of 17, became pregnant out of wedlock last year.
Her mother, who was adamant about getting rid of the perceived shame, was determined to abort the six-month-old pregnancy, regardless of the danger to her daughter's life. Obviously, the life of her daughter meant less than the family honour.
After much persuasion and ensuring the transfer of the girl to a shelter, the pregnancy was brought to term and the child adopted by a new family.
She has been able to continue her education. She could easily have been one of the girls who secretly gave birth and dumped the baby.
As for the father of the baby, his worry ceased when no pressure was exerted on him to be responsible.
This determination to punish seems to be clouded in our self-righteousness and blood-lust.
Policy decisions such as this must be based on evidence and research, which should show that severe punishment will result in actual deterrence.
We are reaping what we have sown. As a result of our continued flip-flopping on the issue of sexual reproductive health education and the inability to summon the courage to provide relevant services for unwed couples, we are sacrificing them on the altar of self-righteousness and misguided ideals.
Ultimately, this measure will not bring the babies back but it will increase the number of victims.
Have we done all that we can to help these women?
I appeal to the cabinet, especially to the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry, to retract this punitive instruction.
The ministry should consider strengthening its welfare and social networks to provide improved and pragmatic sexual reproductive services to all.

Universities need to conduct studies on baby-dumping: Rosmah

KUALA LUMPUR, Friday 13 August 2010 (Bernama) -- Local universities need to conduct comprehensive studies on rampant baby dumping in the country with a view to check the problem, said the prime minister's wife Datin Seri Rosmah Mansor.
"If we know why this problem happens, then we'll be in a better position to take appropriate measures to overcome the problem," she said of the increasing number of baby dumping cases.
She was speaking to reporters after talking over the phone with 1Malaysia Putra Club chairman Datuk Abdul Azeez Abdul Rahim on the developments of the humanitarian aid mission to Gaza.
Rosmah said parents should also spend more time with their children and be aware of their developments and movements and not leave the responsibility to the school authorities alone.
"Children need to be taught from small. That is why I set up Permata Negara to inculcate noble values among children from small. If they have problems, they can voice their feelings to their teachers or counsellors."
She said with a happy home and school environment, there was no reason for children to seek joy outside including taking drugs and looking for boyfriends.
"Learning should be made fun for them, must make them happy. Don't make them so miserable or give them so much stress."
Rosmah also advised girls not to be taken in by males' persuasion, and the latter not to take advantage of girls.
Yesterday, the Cabinet asked the police to probe baby dumping as attempted murder or murder, and agreed that sterner action should be taken to stop baby dumping.

PAS Youth: National celebrations causing baby dumping

PETALING JAYA: PAS is blaming Valentine’s Day and New Year celebrations as among the main causes of baby dumping in the country.
PAS Youth chief Nasrudin Hassan said the occasions were celebrated in an extreme manner and en­­couraged liberal socialising and free sex, which resulted in the act of dumping babies.
 »These celebrations put youths in situations involving alcohol and indecent behaviour« NASRUDIN HASSAN, PAS YOUTH CHIEF

“Baby dumping is rampant especially during the months of July to September – the months are dubbed the ‘baby dumping season’,” he said yesterday.
Nasrudin also said the party would hold a roundtable discussion with non-governmental organisations and political parties on Aug 22 to discuss ways in which all parties could contribute to solving the problem.
He said there had been 15 cases of baby dumping between July and yesterday.
“It is an indication that the ‘mating season’ occurred during the New Year celebrations. We expect more cases between now and September,” he said, adding that the high number of cases of couples caught for khalwat (close proximity) was recorded during carnivals including the Merdeka Day celebrations.
He said the celebrations, which originated from the West, did not “sit well with our country’s traditions.”
“These celebrations put youths in situations involving alcohol and indecent behaviour,” said Nasrudin, adding that the Government should control such celebrations and entertainment outlets.
“These babies are born out of wedlock from irresponsible actions through forbidden relationships. If the babies were born through marriage, they would not be thrown away,” he said.
Nasrudin was responding to a news portal report yesterday quoting PAS Youth deputy chief Azman Shapawi Rani that such celebrations in the country were the main causes of baby dumping.
He urged the Government to look into preventive measures and not only dwell on punishment against the youths.
“They must review the education system to teach youths how to apply their knowledge of subjects like morality in everyday life, rather than merely feeding them information all day in schools,” he said.

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517 baby Abandonment Cases Since 2005

February 09, 2011
KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 9 – From 2005 to January this year, a total of 517 baby abandonment cases were registered in the country, said Federal CID director Datuk Seri Mohd Bakri Zinin. He said 203 of the cases involved boys, 164 girls while the gender of the other 150 babies could not be ascertained.“For cases in which the gender cannot be identified, post-mortems could not be carried out because the bodies were too badly decomposed,” he told reporters at the Federal police headquarters.Of the total, 230 were found alive while 287 were dead.
      Mohd Bakri said 37 suspects had been arrested in connection with the cases from 2005 until now, including four people in January alone. Eighteen cases were brought to court resulting in nine convictions so far, he said. According to Mohd Bakri, their studies revealed that the common locations for baby abandonment were housing areas, by the road near mosques, rivers, bushes and public toilets.
      He also said the police were given the responsibility of managing the NUR Alert (National Urgent Response Alert) system which aims to detect and inform the public about missing children aged below 12. He said they were entrusted by the Women, Family and Community Development Ministry with this issue as the department was investigating such cases, which also included evidence collection and information dissemination. – Bernama